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[Note] Project - side project

Silver Archmage 2022. 5. 28. 11:31

So far, I attempted making up the indie game lobotomy corporation's admin layout as a private page.


1. It is not impossible to create a responsive web page which allows user to easily switch from PC view to mobile view UI layout.


2. To do that, it is necessary to plan out as follows:

2.1. Complete the PC version first.

2.2. Assume : I can only target either PC and mobile. Only two are the options I can make it responsive.

2.3 Do not confuse. This means, I have to set 'in what resolution to activate the mobile view anyway?'.   


To do list:

1. Make current 2500px @media query as normal view for PC.

2. Make small mobile view as a normal android phone resolution.



1. Create a warning notification for user to view in PC resolution till mobile view is ready.

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