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[Git] From scratch to merge request

Silver Archmage 2022. 8. 16. 11:28

1. Be sure to checkout the branch you want to commit and push. And input git status is recommended based on my standard. So you can see what thing to be happened once you make push command to the branch.


2. Suppose your branch is 'alpha'. Then

git checkout <your branch>

e.g. git checkout alpha


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3. git add .

If you want to only add specific files, try git add [specific file name]

e.g. git add Alpha (if it does not work, put format of its file as well)


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4. Then, git commit -m "whatever you want to leave note"


5. And you can input git push origin head

head means push this stuff to the current branch you are in now. So, to prevent any mistake.


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6. Once this is done, back to your github repository webpage. 

Right there, look at the menu and find 'pull request'.

That is 'merge request'. In fact, once you done step 4, you will see pull request like message to encourage you to press that green button from the branch you pushed a moment ago.


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7. Press that pull request, and make that request...the only thing you can pay attention is: to where? it would probably be set to default or main branch. Just be careful about it. And that's all I can comment about it for this step.


Then probably the people in your project may review and give permission to merge it to their specific branch.


Useful URL:


TIL | 저장소, 브랜치에 git push하기

git push


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