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[Radical Treatment] git push error

Silver Archmage 2022. 4. 17. 14:49

Though this is known as not recommended...this still works perfectly IF that is for a personal project.


Radical solution:

<Caution: do not attempt this in a group project unless you know what'd happen>


In my case, I firstly disconnected the local git repository(VSCode) to my remote master (github repository) one.

To do that, I commenced this code:


git remote rm origin


This will certainly solve any git push & pull error issue.


How I encountered such error? 

When I started git remote code from a subfolder of its project, and encountered this error code once I try to commit it from upper location(of where it connected with the local git repository).




How to disconnect a local Git repository from remote master

How do I completely disconnect a local Git repository from all remote branches? I cloned a Git repository from, but then it was deleted and I don't want Git to report any changes needing...


Git push rejected "non-fast-forward"

I am fairly new to git, yet currently using it to manage our code in a team environment. I had some rebasing issues, and I fixed them using: git checkout --ours filename.txt git add filename.txt git


Need to research:

What kind of clash will I face if I use this in a group project?

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