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Crash note 1 - Be patient

Silver Archmage 2021. 5. 3. 12:02

Perhaps all lonely learner who composes all the curriculum, and its timetable along the whole series may agree - I have to quickly learn the thing to get a job and continue its growth along with the career I aim.


However, it may be a good idea to show up what I can confidently show up within my ability. Yes, having a portfolio page is an essential element but as a beginner and out of time for a specific firm that you aimed for - then showing them only the one you can do.


Perhaps, incomplete version maybe not a good idea. That's what I did impatiently. They might upload that job application section again or other firms do. 


Be patient. And carry on to your plan. I may freshly write a new resume tonight.

As long as I can think and move my hands and legs, I still have an opportunity. They are not the final ones.


Patient, and don't do anything stupid.

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